Mayo Draftfcb

Mayo Draftfcb Wins Project Isaac Gravity Award

Lima, Peru-based ad agency Mayo Draftfcb won Adweek's first Project Isaac Gravity award Wednesday night for creating a billboard that harvests humidity from the surrounding air and converts it into safe, clean drinking water.

Billboard Generates Drinking Water Out of Thin Air in Desert of Peru

Lima, Peru, gets about half an inch of rainfall per year. Yet the atmospheric humidity is around 98 percent. UTEC, the country's major university of engineering and technology, took this peculiar problem and—with help from ad agency Mayo Draftfcb—devised a unique solution: a billboard that draws moisture out of that humid air and turns it into potable drinking water. Check out the case-study video below to see how it works. The billboard wasn't just a nice gesture, either. It served as a recruitment tool to get more students to apply to the university. On a related note: Burt's Bees is capturing rain water with a billboard of its own—the same interactive board from Baldwin& that delighted Minneapolis last year with its "hydrating" coupons. In the video below, see how the ad is continuing to give back with an interesting second act as a prototype for a rain catchment system.