Mary Engle

FTC Dings Cole Haan for Wandering Sole Promo on Pinterest

Cole Haan's recent Wandering Sole promotional contest with Pinterest got it a slap on the wrist from the Federal Trade Commission.

FTC Puts Media on Notice Over Deceptive Weight-Loss Ads

The Federal Trade Commission has put the advertising media on notice, launching a program called “gut check” to enlist them to spot bogus claims and reject deceptive weight-loss ads.

Native Ad Workshop Leaves FTC Perplexed

A day-long examination of native advertising left regulators with no clear direction about how to police what has become digital media's hottest ad format.

Quick-Fix Exercise Claim Gets Workout From FTC

The quick-fix exercise pitch of Ab Circle Pro, "only 3 minutes=100 sit ups!" is nothing but pump fiction. To settle Federal Trade Commission charges of deceptive advertising, the marketers of the abdominal exercise device agreed today to pay as much as $25 million in refunds to consumers who shelled out between $200 and $250 for the device.

FTC Warns Advertisers About ‘Up To’ Claims

Advertisers need to be careful if they use the phrase "up to" in claims about their products. The Federal Trade Commission issued a new guidance warning advertisers that telling consumers they will save "up to 47 percent in energy costs" are likely to believe they will get that result.