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Facebook Ad Clicks Are Shifting to Mobile, so Why Aren’t Conversions?

Despite 63 percent of Facebook ad clicks occurred on mobile devices during 2014's fourth quarter, just 34 percent of the social media giant's conversions—either a sale, download or completed lead-gen form—came from smartphones and tablets.

Seasonal Ads on Facebook Are More Effective Than Google’s

Back To School and holiday season shoppers are more likely to click on seasonal ads on Facebook ads than on Google, according to Marin Software analysis. 

Marin Software CEO Opens Up After His Company’s Stock Does

Marin Software CEO Chris Lien slept pretty well last night, even though today is arguably the most important day in his company’s seven-year history.

Sources: Criteo Hires Bank for Imminent IPO

The ad tech money merry-go-round continues to whirl.

Marin Software Positions for First Ad Tech IPO of 2013

Advertisers Clicking Buy Button on Google Shopping Ads

Two weeks ago Adobe published findings showing that Google’s Product Listing Ads are doing well among retailers. Now Marin Software is backing those claims with findings across all of its customers, not just retailers.

Search Engine Marketers Like Google’s FTC Concessions

Google may have gotten off easy with the Federal Trade Commission, but the changes it voluntarily agreed to make to appease regulators got major kudos from the search advertising and marketing community.

Facebook’s Reach Generator Gets Competition From Adaptly

Facebook dropped jaws in February when the company announced during its first marketing conference that the average news feed post is only seen by 16 percent of the eligible users.