Madden 25

College President Will Buy Your Textbooks for a Year if You Can Beat Him at Madden NFL

If you've ever seen a movie about college, you know that the dean or president or whoever is always the villain, and if you can beat him at his own game, the day will be yours.

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Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch Play Their Own Fathers in Hilarious Ad for Madden 25

EA Sports goes back to the future with this dumb-in-a-funny-way spot by ad agency Heat for Madden 25. In the '80s, we're told, two guys playing an early version of the football video game decided to spawn offspring whom they'd be able to use in the game somewhat. Thus were born current Houston Texans running back Arian Foster and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. (The fathers, "Darian Foster" and "Marshawn Lynch Sr.," are played, of course, by Foster and Lynch themselves.) It's a somewhat convoluted concept that comes across as well done, right on target for sports and video game obsessives, and a nice way to celebrate the Madden franchise's 25th anniversary—even if the kids' gym workouts are over the top in a way that feels a little like Old Spice's Terry Crews was their personal trainer. Credits after the jump.