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Here Are the 5 TV Tropes You’ll Get Tired of Seeing This Year

Every year, broadcast spends millions upon millions turning scripts into pilots and pilots into series. And frequently, it picks scripts with quite a few commonalities. Of course, if you have an entire professional class assigned the task of figuring out what's popular and making it into a TV show, this is going to happen.

CBS’ New Fall Shows, Ranked From Best to Worst

Today in our week-long roundup of new shows on broadcast, we're looking at CBS, the place to go for young people committing crimes. There are networks that, faced with changing […]

CBS Puts Football on Thursday, Joel McHale May Go to Late Late

UPDATE: CBS's Les Moonves, talking to Bloomberg denies... everything, really, saying that there are a lot of people throwing hats in the ring for Craig Ferguson's old gig.