Foursquare’s Potentially Game-Changing New Tool Can Measure Foot Traffic Generated by Digital Ads

Foursquare is now in the offline sales attribution game. The social/location discovery platform is going after retail marketing budgets and promising to connect digital ads—and not just Foursquare ads, but those from across the Web and mobile apps—with actual visits to physical stores.

Foursquare Starts Selling All That Data

Foursquare is charging its largest Web partners for use of its location data, which a number of apps and Web services use for mapping needs. The New York tech company has tens of thousands of developers accessing its network daily, and the heaviest users pay if they pass a certain threshold, according to sources.

Foursquare’s New Ads Tap Twitter and Require $100K Commitment

Foursquare has a new ad product that invites users to tweet marketing messages when they check into businesses. The product is called Tap to Tweet and will be available in early April, Adweek learned via a memo obtained from an industry source. The development was later confirmed with Foursquare. 

Facebook, Foursquare Update Pages to Improve Local Search

Google and Yelp may currently dominate local search, but Facebook and Foursquare announced changes to their mobile and d

Starbucks WiFi Gets Even More Ad-Supported Via Boingo Wireless

Aside from the guys who post up in a coffee shop for hours with an iMac to play World of Warcraft or stream Game of Thrones in the airport terminal and suck all the bandwidth, free WiFi is great. People can get online for free while on the go, and businesses get folks to hang around longer and spend a few extra bucks on a second coffee or a sandwich. It’s also a way to sell ads.

Sum of Yahoo’s Acqui-hires Could Be a New Mobile Homepage

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made of point of prioritizing mobile as central to the portal’s future.

Foursquare’s Crowley: Our Users Are Real-World Google Crawlers

Foursquare is in the midst of a fundamental paradigm shift, stepping beyond its reputation as the check-in king and toward the more functional (and potentially lucrative) location-recommendation market. Speaking Monday at South by Southwest, Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley made it clear that the business does more than just dole out badges.

Foursquare’s New Privacy Policy Expands Brands’ Insights

Amid the furor over Instagram’s proposed policy changes two weeks ago, it would make sense for other apps to postpone any

Waze Maps Out Native Ad Platform

Consensus pinpoints location as the fast lane to mobile advertising success. As alluring to brick-and-mortar marketers as a consumer’s location is that consumer’s destination, particularly if a brand can influence that endpoint.

Foursquare Looks to Shift From Gaming Novelty to Essential Tool

It’s not a coincidence that Foursquare’s fastest growing team works on its location-discovery/recommendation tool Explore.