The Urban Legend of Free Social Marketing

When I give advice to CMOs about new social marketing strategies, I often hear the same initial response: But nobody wants to come to my website. While that’s probably true today, cultivating an audience is just like growing your audience on social media: it takes investment.

The Roadblocks of Native Advertising

Could native advertising be hitting a wall? Marketers and publishers continue to fall all over themselves to create messaging that doesn’t look like advertising and that doesn’t annoy the reader. But the format is facing growing pains.

Storify Acquired by Web Publishing Services Company Livefyre

Storify, a digital storytelling tool used by journalists to surface conversations that originate on social media, has been acquired by the Web publishing services company

Livefyre Looks to Turn Social Media Into Custom Native Ads

The Web publishing services firm Livefyre has started turning social media content into native advertising for a handful of publishers.