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Was Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Flub Staged? If Not, It Should Have Been

Steve Harvey and Miss Universe—two people you likely weren't thinking about Sunday afternoon—abruptly became the Internet's top topics Sunday evening.Harvey spectacularly botched the announcement of the winner, accidentally giving Miss Colombia the crown. Then, at the most awkward moment possible (the new Miss Universe's celebratory wave to the crowd), he whipped the audience into a hooting frenzy with the words "I have to apologize," noting that the real winner was Miss Philippines.The whole scenario, frankly, felt like a twist from WWE's WrestleMania rather than from a hyperproduced global pageant. So was it scripted? A manufactured moment of controversy to push Miss Universe to the top of social trending topic lists? And if so, who would have been in on it?

NBC Hits the High Notes With The Sound of Music Live!

The halls of 30 Rock on Friday morning were alive with the sound of cheering, as NBC’s live staging of a 54-year-old Rodgers and Hammerstein musical delivered Alpine ratings.