Audrina’s Carl’s Jr. ad not wholly off-putting

One of my biggest fears in life is that I will stain my gold lamé bikini with teriyaki sauce while eating a big fat burger on the beach. So, I'm […]

Oven Pride ad not sexist so much as idiotic

This Oven Pride spot has caused an uproar in the U.K. Set to nursery-school music, it features a husband learning a lesson in the kitchen as the announcer keeps repeating, […]

NOM airing first anti-gay-marriage ad in NY

This new ad from the National Organization for Marriage—its first TV spot opposing attempts to legalize same-sex marriage in New York—is a fairly typical cut-and-paste negative ad. Inveighing against same-sex […]

Muppets sort out whether Santa has e-mail

Macy's might have staked its entire Christmas ad campaign around ''Yes, Virginia," the 19th-century newspaper editorial, now a holiday classic, that answered a young girl's question about the existence of […]

Package from FedEx, though not absolutely

Here’s an absolutely true, heartwarming story that shows that dreams do come true, despite the (allegedly just ended) New York City transit strike: On Wednesday, the second day of the […]

Don offers Donny a jacket as Larry King looks on

The deal is, apparently, that in order to get Larry King to come on your show, you have to let his wife, Shawn Southwick-King, sing. She’s got a new CD […]

The voice of Verizon, now on Broadway

Irony of no irony department: We recently went to a preview of the new Broadway production of On Golden Pond, starring James Earl Jones in the Henry Fonda part, floppy […]

How to get your art displayed at the Met

Okay, my favorite new guy is "a shadowy British graffiti artist who calls himself "Banksy,” as profiled in yesterday’s New York Times. A fine artist whose work (like this unusual […]

Requiem for a Dan

Now that we no longer have Dan Rather to kick around, I’m beginning to feel a little wistful about his exit. He took a massive pounding from the media fraternity […]

I’m a hipster, baby

We know synergy is just a regular part of marketing life, so while we were somewhat disappointed to hear that Beck (“I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill […]