What Powers Creative Excellence at Cannes? Oftentimes, It’s Envy

If there's any common theme in the advertising business culture, it's envy. You only need to read a few comments deep on any advertising blog to feel the barely disguised glare of "invidere" (Latin for "to look with malice").

Why You Should Be Ready to Talk About Data This Year at Cannes

Data is arguably the most disruptive force in digital advertising today.

2 Eager Creatives Will Take Your Agency’s Cannes Lions Award on An All-Expenses-Paid Trip to NYC

Before you place your agency's shiny new Cannes Lions award on a shelf where it will no doubt gather dust, two U.K. creatives want to take that statue on the all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime, to New York. They guarantee to make the trip (and your lion) legendary.

You Need More Than Great Ads to Win at Cannes

Some recent case-study videos have become just as creative—sometimes more so—than the campaigns they tout. As award show entry numbers swell—the Cannes Lions festival got 37,427 submissions this year, up 5 percent from 2013—agencies are fighting to stand out.

Portrait: Cornerstone

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Grey’s Anatomy

What should the E*Trade talking baby do next? Give financial advice to celebrities? Make pithy points about trading while reading articles in the Los Angeles Times?