Lionel Richie

Nicole Richie’s Savvy Web Reinvention

My how things have changed since 2003. Back then, Nicole Richie was just entering America’s consciousness as Paris Hilton’s sidekick on seminal reality series The Simple Life. Despite her posh upbringing—Richie, of course, is the daughter of singer Lionel—the then-22 year old “celebutante” was more than a little rough around the edges, with her perpetually matted rainbow hair and serious case of potty mouth. It would have been laughable to predict that she’d still be in the spotlight three years later, let alone a decade. But here we are in 2013, and whereas Hilton remains firmly ensconced in the realm of early-2000s pop culture novelty alongside Gigli and Hey Ya, Richie has somehow managed to transform herself from a pint-sized wild child into a bona fide style icon, fashion designer, and married mother of two.

Ad of the Day: Tap King

This man has delicious-looking beer in his fridge. Also, Lionel Richie.