Lauren Reeves

The Hot List Gala 2013

Lauren Reeves catches up with winners and guests at the inaugural Hot List Awards party

Love for Sale [Video]

Hello!If you love getting trampled to death on Black Friday as much as I do, then you need to watch my newest video. Credit cards are a Black Friday necessity, like wearing a helmet and a stab vest. I'll help you choose which card is right for you. (You're welcome!)See you at Kmart.

What You See Isn’t What You Get [Video]

Hey guys,It's me again, Lauren. I've noticed some advertisements recently are trying to play mind games with me. It's like please, I invented the mind f-ck, just ask my ex-boyfriends. But I guess my superpower is being used against the consumer without my consent. Such is life. Enjoy getting a look into the power of mind games.

Why Bother Advertising Alcohol?

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves surveys the vodka vendors

Lauren Reeves Is Satisfried [Video]

Hello again!

Lauren Reeves Is Satisfried

Fast food is the very best kind of health food reveals Adweek's Mad Woman

Robert Pattinson Is Now a Man

If he's selling perfume he is among masculinity's elite says Mad Woman Lauren Reeves

Robert Pattinson Has Become a Man [Video]

Hello! Lauren again. ... Have you ever wondered what's really going on with all those ads we've been seeing lately? I've been doing some real detective work this week, getting to the bottom of men's perfume ads and guess what? I cracked the code: Skinny Handsome Dude + Black and White + Tuxedo = Glamour. Who do you suppose they are trying to get to? Me?

Keeping It Clean With the Cleaners [Video]

Hello,I'm Lauren Reeves and I'm here to break down what advertisements really mean, because if I know anything, I know hidden persuaders. Sometimes you can even smell them. So this week I've been looking at cleaning products. Turns out that underneath my sink there is a world of repressed feelings, emotions and lusts, and often pine scented. Hope you enjoy.

All Cars Are Women and All Women Are Cars

Our new video columnist Lauren Reeves gets under the hood of car advertising. And finds a woman's body