Ladies' Home Journal

Women Consider Friends’ Opinions the Most ‘Trusted Advertising’

It seems word-of-mouth means a lot when you are trying to separate a woman from her money. A Ladies' Home Journal study found that female shoppers value peer opinions over any kind of paid placement—and the vast majority of those surveyed said the experience of someone they knew directly led to a purchase decision.

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Del Monte Solves the ‘Fresh From the Can’ Problem

Life has never been a bowl of peaches for canned-food brands. Even if you look past the fact that canning arose as a cheap and easy way for Napoleon to feed his armies, canned foods have a dubious legacy: Cans are for Spam, for hobo stew; it’s the food you stash in the basement in case of an emergency.

Women’s Service Mags Trade Housekeeping for Style

Traditionally the purveyor of recipes and cleaning tips, women’s service magazines have come a long way, but apparently not far enough. More than a decade ago, Real Simple and O, The Oprah Magazine packaged service as lifestyle, forcing the category to pivot en masse.

Women’s Editors Talk Strategy

It may be the end for men, as The Atlantic and others have proclaimed. But the rise of women, along with the splintering of media, declining newsstand sales, and fickle consumers, has left traditional women’s magazines scrambling to keep up.

String of High-Level Departures at Meredith Continues

Women’s magazine publisher Meredith has seen a number of high-level defections from its National Media Group lately.