La Comunidad

The Slide That Launched a Thousand Arguments at Cannes

The slide was always meant to be provocative, but it wasn't originally intended to be quite so vulgar."When I first saw it, it had 'F*** Briefs,' " recalled Nick Law, the global creative chief at R/GA. "And I said, 'Just spell it out.' "

Ad of the Day: Sauza Tequila Lassos Another Hunk, and This Time He’s a Cowboy

The sensitive hunk and the hunky cowboy are two cornerstones of American advertising. Combined, they form the ultimate housewife fantasy: a man who will rescue you from the dangers of the Wild West and then ask you about your day. (And care about the answer!)

Adman survives a shark attack in Bahamas

La Comunidad founder and executive creative director Jose Molla will take battles with procurement with a grain of salt from now on. Last week, he posted a harrowing account of […]

Hamsters, MTV neglected during World Cup

Maybe La Comunidad is spoofing or paying homage to wacky Japanese ads in this MTV campaign, though giant hamsters wielding chainsaws transcend all cultural barriers. In the spot below, MTV […]

Remy can cause same-sex necklace biting

A woman flips her head back, as though in the throes of ecstasy, while another looks on, lasciviously biting the first woman's necklace. The caption: "Things are getting interesting." I […]