Kyle Nel

Lowe’s Is Opening a Hardware Store in Space (Kind Of)

Lowe's is taking 3-D printing to new heights. The home improvement chain has partnered with manufacturing company Made in Space to equip the International Space Station with a 3-D printer.

Inside Lowe’s Wacky Approach to Building the Store of the Future

If you've ever felt overwhelmed when walking into a sprawling hardware store, you're not alone. To tackle the problem and better understand how people shop online and in brick-and-mortar stores, Lowe's set up an innovation lab in Los Angeles last year.

Lowe’s Tests 3D Technology Booths

Are consumers ready for Star Trek-like experiences that turn in-store shopping into 3D virtual models? Lowe’s thinks so and is rolling out installations into two Canadian stores that use augmented reality to create virtual replicas of their home improvement projects.