Kurt Hugo Schneider

YouTube Artist Kurt Hugo Schneider’s Mesmerizing Coke Video Saw High Engagement

Remember the mesmerizing video that featured Kurt Hugo Schneider using Coke bottles and cans as musical instruments to promote the brand's "Ahh Effect" campaign? Well, Schneider's effort—which included a second video released in August—saw the highest engagement of any installment in the campaign, according to Coke. Users spent an average of nearly 7 minutes on Schneider's page. The average time spent on the campaign's entries was a little more than 2 minutes, according to the soft drink giant.

Coke Bottles and Cans Serve as Instruments in Promotional Music Video

Think Coca-Cola is just a soda? Well, you're right. But the beverage's bottles and cans also double as musical instruments in a new video to promote Coke.