Kristen Schaal

Ad of the Day: Kristen Schaal Is the Ultimate HR Director in This Startup’s Fun Campaign

Do you know what your employer's human resources director does all day? No, really. 

H. Jon Benjamin Preps for Bob’s Burgers Tour

West Coast fans of Bob’s Burgers take note: H. Jon Benjamin and the rest of the cast are bringing their inspired brand of comic instability to a town near you.

Comedy Central Brings Live Stand-Up to Your Phone

This June, stand-up comedy is coming to your cellphone. And your iPad. And your connected TV. And your computer. It’s all part of Comedy Central’s CC: Stand-Up app, a sort of video encyclopedia of comedians that features a regularly updated livestream of new content and a suggestion feature designed to recommend the next installment in a comedy binge.

Ad of the Day: Sony Ericsson

Kristen Schaal, geek heartthrob, wants you to woo her with your leet Minecraft skills.