Lithium Calls Klout Acquisition a ‘Relaunch’

Lithium Technologies paid $200 million for Klout, the social media scorekeeper, in a deal made official today. Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff said the addition of Klout signifies a relaunch for his company.“This is less about Lithium acquiring a company and technology, it’s actually redefining who Lithium is,” Tarkoff said in a news conference.

What McDonald’s Is Doing on Snapchat [Infographic]

The Snapchat marketing train just keeps picking up steam.

Klout Perks Crosses 1 Million Claims, More Than 400 Campaigns

Nearly three years after Klout launched Klout Perks as its first paid product for brands—letting marketers like Chevy reward influential users with offers like a weekend-long test drive—more than one million Perks have been claimed across over 400 campaigns, the social inf

General Motors and Orange Partner With Klout

General Motors Canada and Orange, the French telecom giant, have partnered with Klout as the brands look to increase social media chatter around their respective products.

Klout for Business Is Only First Step to a Serious Marketing Platform

Social marketing can be wasteful. Depending on how often someone checks their Facebook News Feed or Twitter stream, they might rarely see a brand’s message unless it was paid to be put front and center.

Salesforce Grows Its Analytics Ecosystem

Over the summer Salesforce launched Radian6 Insights to help brands digest all the social signals available to them.

Klout Perks Up Online, Offline Worlds

Klout used to be cute. It was a way to claim status by having your social influence measured. Influencers liked being deemed influential and having others aware of their influence.

Kred Story Tracks Social Influence

Users are more than just a number. That’s been the knock against social influence analyzers like Klout and Kred, which assign users an influencer score based on their social media profiles. But both companies are in the midst of moving away from the score.

Klout Moments Improves Perks for Brands

Thanks to social influence analyzer Klout's big update on Tuesday, President Barack Obama can now claim more sway than Justin Bieber.

Salesforce Radian6 Launches Insights to Make Sense of Social Data

Like a guy looking at a double rainbow, marketers have been staring at their brands’ social data and asking themselves, “What does this mean?!” The job of CRM giant Salesforce’s social analytics arm Radian6 is to help them find an answer, especially since the volume of social data has skyrocketed from companies dealing with a few thousand social conversations per mont