Amazon Denies Plans to Launch Free Ad-Supported Streaming

UPDATE: E-tailer giant Amazon is contradicting reports that it's set to launch an ad-supported streaming service using its original content (which recently entered a second crowdsourced "season" of new shows) and music videos, among other programming. “We have a video advertising business that currently offers programs like First Episode Free and ads associated with

The Best-Perceived Brands of 2013

Buoyed by strong sales of its e-readers and expansion of its free-shipping service, Amazon topped the list of best-perceived brands of 2013, as measured by YouGov's BrandIndex. Rounding out the top 5 were Ford, Subway, History Channel and Lowe's.

Newt Gingrich Leads a Totally Digital Lifestyle

Specs Who Newt Gingrich Age 70

Man Develops Friendly, Possibly Obsessive Feelings for Kindle’s Mayday-Button Woman

Amazon's three-ad series for the Kindle Fire HDX's Mayday button, which allows a one-way video chat between users and Amazon experts who can troubleshoot problems, feels like the start of a romantic comedy. Not because it's funny or cute, but more because it's absurdly unrealistic.

Will iTunes Radio Spark Digital Music Shakeout?

There appeared to be an overabundance of digital music streaming services before Apple’s iTunes Radio became a reality last week, so it stands to reason that a shakeout—if it wasn’t already on the horizon—could now be only a matter of ti

Person of Interest Star Michael Emerson Keeps It Old School

Specs Who Michael Emerson Age 59

Amazon Kicks Off ‘Kindle Singles Interview’ Series

Expanding the range of its Kindle Singles offerings, Amazon has kicked off an interview series on the e-reader.

16 of the Gayest Ads in History

With advertisements from The Gap, Amazon’s Kindle and JCPenney acclimating the public eye to seeing frank images of same-sex couples, it’s easy to conclude that we’re simply seeing the product of relaxed, millennial mores. Not so. The fact is that American advertising has featured images of male-on-male intimacy for a century now.

Gay Advertising’s Long March Out of the Closet

James Cash Penney, the son of a Baptist minister and founder of one of America’s enduring retail empires, probably rolled over in his grave.

NBCUniversal Expands Licensing Deal With Amazon

NBCUniversal will bring a broader range of content to Amazon Instant, TechCrunch reported.