Kiernan Shipka

The Long Goodbye: Mad Men Cast Begins Victory Lap

While he wasn’t physically onstage during Friday night’s PaleyFest panel, Mad Men creator Matt Weiner cast a long shadow over the proceedings—so much so that the only potential spoilers leaked by the stars of the

Sally Draper’s New Iron in the Fire: Waffles

In the intensely metaphorical, self-reflective universe of Mad Men, ad campaigns mirror aspects of Don Draper's tortured psyche, and by extension, become revealing meditations on the greater human condition. Here in the "real" world, Sally Draper's makin' waffles!

Sally Draper Makes an Excellent Child Psychologist

Kiernan Shipka, who is frighteningly great as Sally Draper in AMC's Mad Men, puts all of her experience in counseling sessions to good use in this fantastic Funny or Die video, in which she analyzes the anxieties of other child stars as a child psychologist.