Spoof Trailer Recasts Super Mario as Drugged-Out Loser

Is there anything obsessive fans can't throw unwholesome amounts of dedication into? The spoof trailer below, which re-imagines Super Mario Bros. as a brooding independent film about drug abuse, seems to indicate no, there isn't. The opening line got a laugh out of me, and recasting Bowser as “some yuppie prick” in a green sweater is a definite highlight.

Belgrade Is Pro-Butts, Anti-Poop

Serbia's capital may have an abundance of dog poop, but this cheeky series of ads from McCann Erickson Belgrade proves that the town doesn't have a shortage of nice butts. And when residents bend over to clean up said dog droppings, they're helping create a "beautiful city" in more ways than one. Notice, though, that the three lady butts (one below, two more after the jump) are appealing and demure, while the lone male in the series has his underpants riding up and is grabbing an obvious handful of poop. I guess the “girl bodies are sexy, guy bodies are funny” theory isn't limited to the United States. Via Ads of the World.

Anti-ad initiative ambushes Madrid shelters

Some rogues in Madrid recently ambushed the bus stops and other public ad spaces with statements protesting advertising saturation. This is apparently an ongoing initiative called PublicAdCampaign. The contributors, who […]

David Beckham flaunts fake skills for Pepsi

Be extra manly with bacon-scented cologne

Are you American? Are you a white male between 18 and 30 who loves taking jokes way past the point where they're funny or interesting? Do you want to smell […]

Retailer buys ad space in crossword puzzle

How do you reach senior citizens to tell them about your department store’s sweet retiree benefits? Take out ads inside crossword puzzles, which they play endlessly—at least in Brazil. In […]

Get your fingers in better shape for Chrome

Are your hands too fat to keep up with Google Chrome? Don't order a typing wand. Get on a Chromercise fitness program, and whip your flabby fingers back into shape. […]

Dipping Quiznos sandwiches isn’t this hard

Quiznos keeps putting out weird ads that make its food look unappealing with a delightful series for the Chicken Bacon Dipper, which comes with cheese sauce for dipping. In this […]

Karl Lagerfeld designs bottles for Diet Coke

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who famously lost 90 pounds in 2001 on a regimen of Diet Coke and steamed vegetables, lent his silhouette to limited-edition, collectable bottles of Diet […]

‘Dumb whore’ song not great for clothing ad

This spot by Publicis Mojo for New Zealand clothing retailer Hallensteins pretty much fails on all fronts. Chiefly, it incurred the wrath of the country’s ad watchdog because it uses […]