Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon Humorously Promotes Eggs Again, This Time by Singing With His Brother

Last year, the American Egg Board belatedly recognized that the best complement for eggs is bacon (actor Kevin Bacon, that is).

Kevin Bacon Does Ads for Eggs, Because What Goes Better With Eggs Than Bacon?

Kevin Bacon has traded off the whole "six degrees" thing in ads for years. Now it's time to put the Bacon to work.And that he does in an amusing if obvious campaign from Grey New York promoting eggs on behalf of the American Egg Board. Because after all, nobody knows eggs better than bacon. Or Bacon.

Media Elite Gather Close in the Dead of Winter

Although the holidays are in the rear view mirror and the deep freeze of winter has set in, media's heavy hitters are still out in full force. TCA, magazines and […]

Kevin Bacon’s Brother Michael Does Ads for Turkey Bacon in Union of Less Famous Bacons

Brad Pitt's brother did it. Now it's Kevin Bacon's brother's turn.

Fox Renews New Girl, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Following

Fox late Friday gave fans of its Tuesday night comedies something to cheer about, announcing it has picked up the gloriously goofy, Golden Globe Award-winning ensemble

How I Met Your Mother Turbocharges CBS’ Lineup

Episode No. 200 of How I Met Your Mother powered CBS’ entire Monday night lineup, as the nine-seasons-in-the-making origin story helped deliver the comedy’s highest ratings in a year.

The Following Star Kevin Bacon Stays Close to His N.Y. Roots

Specs Who Kevin Bacon Age 55

Kevin Bacon Hams It Up in Plea for You to Shop Locally This Holiday

Kevin Bacon wants you to "Shift Your Shopping" for good by buying local with select retailers who agree to donate a portion of sales from your purchase to charity.The spot hinges on the pretense that Kevin Bacon is not actually Kevin Bacon but some sort of mustachioed goober named Melvin Macon, who seems to be filming a local commercial circa early '80s, complete with inspiring gospel choir courtesy of the Brown Memorial Baptist Church. (You may recall Bacon playing another hirsute alter ego named Ivan Cobenk in that amazing Logitech spot a few years back.) And when he's not assaulting your eyeballs with nappy old PowerPoint backgrounds, Melvin is encouraging you to be a good citizen and give back to the world.The work was created pro bono by New York agency Walrus just in time for your holiday shopping spree. So, if squinting at the whirling yellow type at the bottom of the spot doesn't give you a seizure, pick one of those fine local retailers and run out to double your gifting impact. And don't forget to attach a "Kevin Bacon Approved" gift tag.

That’s So Raven: A Sneak Peek at The Following’s Transmedia Experiment

Because even Poe-obsessed serial killers need friends, Fox is giving fans of its dastardly drama The Following a shot at buddying up with murder-happy mastermind Joe Carroll.

Fox Carves Up Big Ratings With The Following

The series premiere of the Fox serial-killer drama The Following put up strong numbers on Monday night, beating its time slot predecessor by a whopping 113 percent.