Ken Block

Ad of the Day: Ken Block Comes Home to L.A. in His Best and Craziest Gymkhana Film Yet

Gymkhana 7, the latest piston-pounding production from rally car driver (and DC Shoes co-founder) Ken Block, is a wild race through the streets of Los Angeles. Get ready for a five-star joyride with pop-culture signposts ranging from familiar SoCal landmarks to a cheeky recreation of O.J. Simpson's famous flight from justice in a Ford Bronco.

Neymar Takes On Ken Block in Soccer-Racing Battle of ‘Footkhana’

You've probably never wondered whether Ken Block is better at playing soccer in a car than Neymar is at playing soccer not in a car.

Ken Block Evades Spiked Wrecking Ball and Cops on Segways in Gymkhana Six

The most-watched and most-shared branded Web franchise of all time—Ken Block's Gymkhana stunt-driving series—returns this week with the sixth installment. Once again, it shows off some insane rally-car driving, this time in a giant playground built at an airport, where Block jumps, squeals, peels, floats and otherwise tear-asses around in his Ford Fiesta ST RX43, avoiding two Lamborghini Aventadors, a huge spiked wrecking ball and a couple of cops on Segways. One big difference this time around is that, unlike the previous five films, this one is not a production of DC Shoes, the footwear brand of which Block is a co-founder. Instead, it's a tie-in with the Need for Speed Rivals video game, and is uploaded to the Need for Speed YouTube page. That's not insignificant, considering how many views these things get. This thing has 3 million views since yesterday and will surely end up with quadrillions more before Christmas. Three of the previous five Gymkhana spots are among the 20 most-shared ads of all time, according to Unruly Media—making DC Shoes the most shared brand ever online. Below, check out the previous five Gymkhana films.

Ken Block Rips Apart San Francisco in Epic Gymkhana Five Video

Ken Block's incredible Gymkhana series of stunt-driving videos, sponsored by DC Shoes, are among the most successful examples of branded content ever—just look at the YouTube view counts, which run into the tens of millions.