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Why Daytime Syndication Remains a Sunny Proposition for Advertisers

Given the negatives that face the syndicated TV marketplace—a lack of successful new entries, immense competition from digital video for ad dollars and technology that allows viewers to watch on […]

Former TV News Stars Are Finding a Second Life Online

Far from hearing crickets after streaming into the Internet abyss, former TV news talent are unearthing a flourishing market online.

Yahoo CMO Kathy Savitt Talks SXSW, Music and Strategy


It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again at Yahoo

It’s a whole new era at Yahoo ever since CES rock star Marissa Mayer took over. Except when it isn’t.

These Stories Dominated Digital Media in 2013

Digital media is thriving. Online advertising is growing faster than any other medium. The Web is hot.Except for the fact that the Web has had all sorts of growing pains. And major business challenges. And it changes constantly, sometimes quite radically.

Katie Couric Bolts to Yahoo

Confirming what may have been the worst-kept secret in recent memory, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on Monday officially announced that Katie Couric is joining the company as global anchor.

NBCU Preps Syndicated Meredith Vieira Show

Two years after bowing out as a co-anchor on NBC’s Today show, Meredith Vieira is planning her return to morning TV.

Marie Claire Hosts ‘Women Taking the Lead’ Luncheon

Hearst Magazines has been intent on adding some heft to its fashion books over the past year. First, there was Cosmopolitan, which under the leadership of Joanna Coles has put a premium on political coverage and “leaning in” à la Sheryl Sandberg.

Jeff Zucker Poaches Exec From Katie Couric’s Talk Show

CNN Worldwide's Jeff Zucker has poached Michael Bass, a co-executive producer for Katie Couric's Disney-ABC talk show, which formerly employed Zucker and in which he still has ownership interests, according to The New York Times.

ABC News, Yahoo Partner on New Online News Show With Katie Couric

Katie Couric has an official ABC News show, but it's not on television. Instead, the former Today and CBS Evening News anchor will host a digital program, Katie's Take, on Yahoo, which partnered with ABC News last year. It's the first ABC News program with Couric as headliner.