Kate Moss

Samsung Partners With Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury for VR Ad Starring Kate Moss

For this season's New York Fashion Week, Charlotte Tilbury decided to release her fragrance, Scent of a Dream, with a twist.

How Banana Republic Moved From Skinny Models to Gay Guys

This 1992 ad marked the beginning of Banana Republic

Six Questions: Into the Gloss

Six Questions: Into the Gloss

Kate Moss Airbrushed Within Inches of Her Life in New Fashion Ads

At 38, Kate Moss has aged better than most hard-partying it-girls could hope to. But apparently that's not good enough for Chilean fashion line Basement. Having already forced her into breeding with a bunny, the brand has now released new ads in which Moss appears to have been practically sandblasted into some sort of anime android. In the shot above, her eyes have been moved so far apart, they're in danger of wrapping around the sides of her head like a hammerhead shark. The Sun asks, "Is this the most airbrushed photoshoot ever?" But that's an honor that probably goes to any shot of Madonna from the past decade. More images below.

Sizing Up Vogue’s Health Initiative

Last month, Vogue launched the Vogue Health Initiative, a six-point plan adopted by its 19 international editions to stop the use of models who are under age 16 or appear to have an eating disorder.

‘Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels’ Ads Banned in U.K.

While Australia frets about aggressive M&M's, the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority is taking on a worthier target (for once): anorexia.

Kate Moss Can’t Even Afford to Buy Clothes Anymore

Here's a clip of supermodel Kate Moss and fashion photographer Terry Richardson robbing a Mango clothing store in Paris. They're both wearing Terry Richardson masks. I wish this was sensational news footage of a coked-up Kate-tastrophe, but it's just a commercial that Richardson directed for the brand. The pair flees in a van, and Kate tries on the stolen threads.

Kate Moss Breeds With a Bunny in Lunatic Fashion Ad

Your insane and depraved celebrity fashion commercial of the day comes courtesy of Chilean clothier Basement, and features Kate Moss seducing a giant bunny. Kate's had a notoriously difficult time in the dating department over the years, but this seems a little desperate.