Might Facebook Become a Video Programmer?

Facebook has finally entered the video ads business in a big way.After multiple delays, Facebook last week rolled out a test of its autoplay ads to a select group of users. And the company clearly is thinking big, based on a deck that's been circulating which articulates the company's ambitions to challenge TV (not to mentioned these new ads $2 million price tag).The move raises an interesting set of questions. After the guaranteed user screaming, protest pages and mass threats of never using Facebook again (it is Facebook after all), when people get used to autoplay video on the site, does Facebook start to take things further? Does the company start to become a massive video distributor? A Web video hotbed that could challenge YouTube? Or an actual programmer?

Portrait: Katalyst

How does a brand hack into the Hollywood spotlight? When Mother wanted to create a celebrity couple for Virgin Mobile last year, Katalyst helped bring the spoof to life, creating online episodes about fake couple Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll and getting gossip rags to cover “Sparah” as real news, including a rumored romance between Falls and Lindsay Lohan.