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Study: Athletes Send Mixed Messages to Youth by Marketing Junk Food

LeBron James, Peyton Manning and Serena Williams are tops in their sports and make great spokespeople for any marketer. But they are also at the top of a less-flattering ranker—endorsing junk food marketed to youth.

Dora the Explorer Hawks Junk Food to Kids Like a Drug Pusher in New Ad

Food advocates are back with a new ad slamming Nickelodeon for accepting ads for junk food. The ad from the Center for Science in the Public Interest and five other children’s advocacy groups, continues with the "Wanted" theme.

Senators Urge Nick to Stop Airing Junk Food Ads to Kids

Nickelodeon is in the cross-hairs of food and nutrition advocates again, who have convinced four Democratic Senators to fire off a letter to the Viacom-owned net urging it to stop airing junk fo

Ad Blasts Nickelodeon for Airing Junk Food Spots

For nutritionists, when it comes to advertising junk food to kids, Nickelodeon is public enemy No. 1. Or, as the Center for Science in the Public Interest put it in a full-page ad, "Wanted."