Julio Jones

Visa Makes Your NFL Dreams Come True, Like Teaching Julio Jones a New Touchdown Dance

It may go without saying that NFL fans have an insatiable desire to get close to their gridiron heroes, whether that means having them coach a local peewee team or teaching them a customized victory dance. Some of those fantasies work out better than others, according to new spots from BBDO and Atmosphere Proximity for longtime NFL sponsor Visa. As part of a season-stretching promotion to give fans an ultimate NFL experience, Visa is gathering fans' dreams on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #MyFootballFantasy. Not all of those will revolve around goofy end-zone movements, if luck is on the players' sides. The dreams could be anything, really, but they're capped at a cash value of $100,000. Plenty of leeway there? Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones stars in a BBDO spot that broke this week for the ongoing campaign, where the origins of his victory shuffle are revealed. Hint: chubby superfan with a white-guy overbite. (In a bit of bad timing for Visa, Jones's season could actually be over already due to injury.) Still to come: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees fulfilling another sample fantasy. The real winners will emerge before the Super Bowl. Check out the Jones spot below and the kickoff for the promo, a commercial with San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh going medieval on some pint-sized football players. Dad didn't think that one through very well.