Josh Sapan

Walking Dead Breathes Life Into AMC Networks

Powered by the voracious and indefatigable phenomenon that is The Walking Dead, AMC Networks enjoyed a strong fourth quarter, boosting ad sales revenue 31 percent to $205 million.

AMCX Says Its Own VOD Strategy Is ‘Heretical,’ but That’s Cool

AMC Networks delivered lower-than-expected earnings on Thursday, announcing that it wouldn't be discussing the Chellomedia purchase in much detail on the call (the company agreed to buy the international TV distribution company from Liberty Global last week).

Will AMC Profits Come Back Up After Its Spat With Dish?

After more or less telling investors to batten down the hatches last quarter, AMC Networks has come back with the news it expected: Earnings were down last quarter due to the company's protracted carriage dispute with Dish Network. The smackdown appeared to hinge on the settlement size of an unrelated lawsuit.

DISH Network Threatens to Drop AMC

DISH Network subscribers who also happen to be fans of Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad may be in for a rude awakening this summer, as the satellite-TV service on Friday threatened to kick AMC off its channel lineup.