Jose Canseco

Sports in 140 Characters or Less

Much like Twitter, the sports world can be extremely crowded and a complex space to comprehend. But Twitter can also be the ultimate tool for these sports figures, in terms of breaking news, informing their followers, or, like many of us, just saying whatever they please.

Old Milwaukee Makes Funny Ads. Too Bad No One Can Find Them

Old Milwaukee has the most random approach to putting its content online. The classic Will Ferrell spots from last year mostly appeared as amateur uploads (although an HD version of the brand's hilarious, extremely limited-release Super Bowl spot did eventually surface). Later, the brand moved on to Jose Canseco—airing a handful of spots in Kansas City in July, during that city's hosting of baseball's All-Star Game. Once again, the ads popped up as amateur uploads on YouTube. (They all seemed coordinated, though, and looked similar—suggesting maybe it was an inside job.) Now, two months later, the brand has suddenly uploaded the Canseco stuff—including one spot we hadn't seen—to its YouTube account. (It also sent out an eight-week-late tweet as well.) The YouTube page also features another new-to-us video, "Pass Me a Beer," featuring two guys hilariously throwing beers around in increasingly absurd ways. That clip, created in June (it appeared on Funny or Die as well, with which Old Milwaukee has a partnership), asked people to show off their own beer-throwing skills. But the dedicated Facebook app has a piddly 13 entries. If Old Milwaukee wants more engagement with this decent content, it might want to make it easier for people to find. More Canseco spots after the jump.

Jose Canseco Celebrates Not Cheating in Old Milwaukee Ads

After airing a handful of great Will Ferrell ads in a few small cities last year (and one more during the Super Bowl in a single Nebraska town), it appears Old Milwaukee is back with another amusing, hypertargeted campaign—this time centered around Major League Baseball's All-Star Game. At least two spots aired last night during the Home Run Derby—apparently only in Kansas City, which is hosting this year's game—starring none other than Jose Canseco. In a couple of inspired little riffs, Canseco uses the time to reflect on baseball, and likens its comeback from the steroids era to Old Milwaukee's comeback after years in the proverbial wilderness. "Some of us dragged the sport through the mud," Canseco says in one spot. "Some of us had the stones to admit it. Some of us did not. But baseball was bigger than a few rotten apples. It's back. Just like this little beer here. Old Milwaukee." In the second spot, Canseco congratulates the Kansas City Royals for falling on hard times after 1985—proof, he suggests, that the team wasn't cheating like the rest of baseball. He then fumbles opening the can, recalling Ferrell's comical poor timing in the Super Bowl ad. Just like the Ferrell spots did, these ads are popping up on YouTube as amateur-seeming uploads. But don't be fooled—it's all part of the game. Well played again, Old Milwaukee. Second spot after the jump. UPDATE: Looks like there was a third spot, in which Canseco swings a bat and crushes an Old Milwaukee can. Posted after the jump as well.