John Podesta

White House Report on Big Data and Privacy Largely Ducks Surveillance Issue

There were no surprises in the highly anticipated release of the White House report on big data and privacy, especially since the most controversial conclusion—that big data could lead to discriminatory outcomes—was leaked to the press last weekend. 

White House Worried About Use of Big Data to Discriminate

The White House report on big data and privacy, due out this week, will call out the potential use of big data as a way to discriminate or take advantage of vulnerable consumers, the Associated Press reported.

White House Privacy Survey Falls Short of Its Purpose

A White House survey that asks consumers for their opinion about big data and privacy may yield a few political talking points but not much meaningful or useful data, experts say.

Advertisers Give White House Meeting High Marks

It's not often that advertisers walk out of a meeting with government officials and have good things to say about the experience. But that was the reaction from many of the 20 advertising industry representatives that met Thursday afternoon with the White House's John Podesta and his staff on big data and privacy.

Advertising Community Heads to the White House to Talk Big Data and Privacy

GroupM's John Montgomery is headed for the White House this afternoon along with about 20 others in the Internet advertising business, including Dick O'Brien of the 4A's and the IAB's Mike Zaneis, to talk about big data and privacy issues.

Privacy Groups Urge White House to Solicit Public Comment on Big Data

Privacy advocates and civil liberties groups are pushing the White House to accept public comments during its review of big data and the future of privacy as prescribed by President Obama in recent speeches.