Joe Boxer

Kmart and Joe Boxer’s High-Tech Bracelet Measures Inactivity and Celebrates Your Laziness

Nike FuelBand may have fizzled out, but luckily the Joe Boxer Inactivity Tracker is here to take its place.

‘Hurry Down the Chimney’ Gets a Whole New Meaning With Kmart’s Pregnant Dance Squad

Last holiday season, Kmart clearly had a ball (or two) with its advertising. This year, it's all about bellies.In a nice upgrade from the retailer's spot featuring guys playing their beer guts like kettle drums, we now have a dance squad made up of belly-proud moms-to-be. It's the latest in agency FCB's #ShowYourJoe campaign for Joe Boxer, and this time we find five ladies rockin' some comfy pajamas and shakin' it for two to the tune of holiday classic "Santa Baby." Directed by Wondros’ Christian Weber, it's a surprisingly perfect juxtaposition of female empowerment and one of Christmas' sexier songs. The track is faster than the famously slinky Eartha Kitt version, which keeps the spot from going to truly weird places.

Kmart and Joe Boxer Go for Belly Laughs in Holiday Sequel to ‘Jingle Balls’

Kmart and Joe Boxer's "Show Your Joe" ad (rechristened "Jingle Balls" by some) was one of the big hits of 2013's holiday season—to the tune of 18 million YouTube views.Now, here's the sequel, promoting Joe Boxer men's sleepwear.

Kmart’s Boxer-Baring Hunks Take Off on YouTube

A few weeks ago, Kmart unveiled a rather racy spot for its Joe Boxer brand. And last week, the Show Your Joe clip, featuring six no-pants wearing studs shaking their money-makers to delightful holiday music, saw its views on YouTube jump 100 percent to 12.7 million.