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The 5 Strangest Things the 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Selling Online

The 2016 election may be more than a year away, but things are already getting weird.One of the first places the strangeness is showing is in candidates' campaign stores, so we decided to compile a few of our favorite fundraising oddities.(For the purposes of this list, fan-created merchandise is left off, though there are some truly laudable puns and other bits of wordplay out there like the Christie Creme T-shirt, "Feel the Bern" and "I'm Ridin' With Biden.")As with any election coverage, just remember: this is our circus, and these are our monkeys. We've gone through all 22 declared candidates' campaign stores to find you the strangest things that are offered:

Celebrities Join White House PSA Against Sexual Assault

The White House has issued a new PSA empowering people to stand up against sexual assault as part of its "1 Is 2 Many" campaign.

Rockefeller Reintroduces Bill to Study Violent Video Games

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va) reintroduced his bill to study the impact of violent video games and programming on kids. But this time, the bill comes with the firepower of four co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle, including Sens.

Michelle Obama and Joe Biden’s Twitter Twist

First lady Michelle Obama and vice president Joe Biden have been using Twitter like a secondary email platform to get out the vote during this election cycle's last hours. The first lady has 2 million followers on Twitter, while Biden has 316,000, and the two political figures are direct messaging (DM) their audiences to re-elect President Barack Obama.

Obama Tumblr: Paul Ryan Is ‘Actually the Worst’

Now that both presidential ballots are official, the online component of the campaign is getting a little chippy.