Jessica Rich Jerked Around Consumers, FTC Says

How's this for an online racket? Surreptitiously grab information from Facebook to create tens of millions of profiles labeling people a "jerk" or "not a jerk" and then charge people $30 to revise their online profiles.

FTC Puts the Brakes on Deceptive Car Dealer Ads in Broad Enforcement Sweep

Local car ads have never been known for their subtlety. But screaming salespeople and crappy graphics don't give dealers permission to bury onerous terms in the fine print. Ten car dealers were swept up Thursday in a broad deceptive ad enforcement action the Federal Trade Commission dubbed Operation Steer Clear. 

FTC Puts Media on Notice Over Deceptive Weight-Loss Ads

The Federal Trade Commission has put the advertising media on notice, launching a program called “gut check” to enlist them to spot bogus claims and reject deceptive weight-loss ads.

Sprinkle, Eat and Pay Up Big Time: Sensa Sheds $26.5 Million to Settle FTC Charges

Sensa, the heavily advertised weight-loss product that promised dieters all they needed to do to was “sprinkle, eat and lose weight” will pay a hefty $26.5 million to settle charges with the Federal Trade Commission it deceived consumers.

Time Warner Cable Slapped With $1.9 Million Penalty for Violating Pricing Rule

Time Warner Cable will pay a $1.9 million civil penalty to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it violated the risk-based pricing rule. The FTC rule requires creditor companies to give notice to consumers who are provided less favorable credit terms because of their credit reports.

FTC Takes Dim View of Flashlight App That Shared Users’ Location Data Without Permission

The Federal Trade Commission took a dim view of one of the most popular mobile apps after discovering the Brightest Flashlight Free app deceived consumers by sharing their location information without their knowledge.

Native Ad Workshop Leaves FTC Perplexed

A day-long examination of native advertising left regulators with no clear direction about how to police what has become digital media's hottest ad format.

FTC’s Jessica Rich Lays Out Ambitious Ad Enforcement Agenda

Jessica Rich—the Federal Trade Commission’s front line to advertising regulation as director of the agency’s consumer protection bureau—is energetic and organized.

FTC Continues Crackdown on Auto Ads

Too good-to-be-true auto dealer ads drove the Federal Trade Commission to action, charging two dealers in Maryland and Ohio with falsely advertising the cost or discounts for vehicles.

FTC’s Privacy Guru Named Head of Bureau of Consumer Protection

Jessica Rich, a 20-year Federal Trade Commission career attorney and expert in privacy, data and identity protection, and new technologies was named the new director of the agency's bureau of consumer protection. FTC chairwoman Edith Ramirez announced Rich's appointment today along with six other senior staff appointments.