Jennifer Lopez

Multicultural Talent Is Surging on TV and Winning Mainstream Audiences

Hardly anyone was more surprised than Dana Walden at the ratings surge Fox midseason entrant Empire enjoyed following its Jan. 7 debut. She expected a lift but not to the degree it did shoot up.

NBC Trims Comedies for Fall, Focuses on Football and Live Shows

There's not much to laugh about on NBC's fall schedule.

Obamacare Ads Enlist Your Mother

We've seen the president on Between Two Ferns, we've seen Billy Eichner quiz Olivia Wilde on the subject of "Obamacare or shut up," and now w

Ford, Coca-Cola Return for Season 13 of American Idol

American Idol on Wednesday returns for its 13th cycle, and while two long-time sponsors will be on hand to get the party started, a third has left the fold.

American Idol Is Ramping Up Its Football Presence

As Fox’s American Idol suits up for its 13th season, football fans should brace themselves for a full-on charm offensive.

The Man Who Makes J.Lo Glow [Video]

High above our workaday reality there is a better one of eternally shining surfaces, shimmering clothes, skin that glows like sunsets and lips that are never unparted.

The Top Ads of Summer 2013 [Video]

Like saplings turning to face the sun for sustenance, so at this time of year do marketers and advertisers—especially when there are no big sporting events such as 2012's Olympics to pad out the creative briefs. But surely you can't just show Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, armies of attractive models and a handful of goats having fun in the sun? Or can you?

How J.Lo Is Becoming A Wireless Brand

Jennifer Lopez’s partnership with Verizon Wireless to launch a new mobile brand targeting Latinos is a no-brainer when you consider the surging growth rates of those consumers in the U.S. and their high ownership of smartphones.

New Model Agency: Believe Entertainment Group

New Model Agency: Believe Entertainment Group

Steady as She Goes: Night 2 of Idol Holds Up

The second installment of the new cycle of American Idol dominated the Thursday night ratings race, drawing 16.3 million viewers and a 5.6 in the dollar demo.