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Hearst Will Start Selling Ads for Lena Dunham’s Feminist Newsletter

Since launching in September, Lenny Letter, the feminist newsletter founded by Girls creator and star Lena Dunham and the HBO series' showrunner, Jenni Konner, has attracted considerable buzz.

Which Celebrities, Movies and TV Shows Won Comic-Con on Twitter?

Jennifer Lawrence doesn't tweet. But her fans sure do.

Apple Tightens iCloud Security After Naked Celebrity Photo Leak

Apple is implementing more robust iCloud security protocols after a massive breach of celebrities’ accounts—and leak of private nude photos—revealed some weaknesses in the photo-storing service.

Apple Says Nude Celebrity Photo Leaks Were Targeted Hacks

Apple's cloud is safe, the company has said in response to claims that a security flaw in its photo-storing software allowed hackers to grab naked images from celebrities' personal accounts.It appears that the widespread hacking was targeted work aimed just at celebs whose accounts were compromised using common tactics rather than a general security hole.

This Musical Ad From a Plastic Surgery Supergroup Is Face-Melting

"Are you one of the boring people who don't want to be beautiful? Because everyone can be beautiful when you're made—of PLASTIC!"

How Samsung and David Ortiz Roped the President Into a Promotional Selfie

Has Samsung gone selfie crazy? The smartphone maker behind the Oscar selfie tweeted 'round the world has now brought President Barack Obama unwittingly into its marketing act.

6 Ways Twitter Stole the Oscars

Twitter stole the Oscars last night, reaching new milestones and just dominating the conversation. It’s not a stretch to say Twitter outshined the actual show. Ellen Degeneres’ selfie with the stars was the most retweeted post of all time. Here’s what else happened on Twitter and at the Academy Awards:

Jennifer Lawrence’s New Dior Ads: Totally Gorgeous, or a Photoshopped Mess?

You might think that Dior, after paying Jennifer Lawrence a lot of money to be an endorser, would want the woman in its new ad to look pretty obviously like Jennifer Lawrence. But not everyone is convinced she does.The print ad above, featuring the actress, is drawing praise, but also some criticism for excessive Photoshopping. It's not on the usual social-ethical grounds but because, as Emily Leaman over at Philly Magazine suggests, the ad looks more like a "pre-pubescent 12-year-old boy than the strong, broad-shouldered, post-pubscent Jennifer Lawrence we know in movies like Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games."That's a bit of a rhetorical stretch, but you might find yourself blinking hard once or twice before you realize who it is. In reality, it's pretty clearly her—especially when you compare it to some of her early modeling photos. But it is fair to say that between the aggressive retouching (which she tends not to mind) and the haute trappings, Lawrence doesn't look much like the straight-talking girl next door image she's grown into.Jessie Heyman over at Huffington Post, for her part, thinks Dior's new Lawrence looks like Leonardo DiCaprio circa Titanic. Then again, that might be a compliment … he was one of the prettiest young women in Hollywood.More pics from Lawrence's new Dior campaign below.

These ‘Honest’ Posters for Oscar Nominees Might Be Better Than the Real Ads

Sometimes, parody posters actually make you want to see a movie more than the real ads do. That's definitely the case with a few of these "honest" Photoshop recasts of Acadamy Award Best Picture nominees from College Humor.

Golden Globes Rule Sunday Night

NBC on Sunday posted a 10-year high with its presentation of the 71st Golden Globe Awards, and if the half-hour ratings are anything to go by, the night’s most compelling stars were returning hosts Tina Fey and Amy P