Jeff Chester

Disney Websites May Run Afoul of Children’s Privacy Laws

Disney, the world's most iconic kids brand, is under scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission for flunking the ABCs of children's online privacy laws.

Marvel, Hello Kitty May Have Run Afoul Children’s Privacy Laws

Marvel and Sanrio, two of the biggest brands in the kids online marketing space, may be in violation of online children's privacy laws. According to a watchdog group, Disney's and Sanrio's Hello Kitty Carnival app fail to obtain parental consent from kids under 13 prior to tracking and collecting personal information about them.

Nielsen’s New Consumer App Is Really a Market Research Tool [Updated]

Nielsen's new "topten" app seems harmless enough: offer consumers a quick and easy way to find out the most popular TV shows, books, songs, video games, movies and more. You know, the kind of rankings found in publications like Entertainment Weekly or the local newspaper.

Privacy Advocate Blasts Government-Hosted Privacy Group

Jeff Chester, Washington's most vocal and relentless privacy advocate, has had enough with the multi stakeholder process hosted by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Privacy Groups Mobilize to Monitor Kids Sites and Apps

Stricter children's online privacy rules go into effect July 1, and privacy groups are getting ready to make sure websites and mobile apps targeting kids under 12 toe those newly drawn lines.

Is Facebook About to Run Into Privacy Issues Again?

There's always inherent risk—as well as opportunity—when you make it up as you go.

FTC Launches Probe of Data Broker Privacy Practices

Last week's Congressional Bipartisan Privacy Caucus briefing on data brokers and privacy must have left quite an impression on Federal Trade Commission chairman Jon Leibowitz, who opened a probe today to study the privacy practices of the data broker industry.

Study: Parents Concerned About Digital Marketing Practices Targeting Kids

Privacy groups advocating more stringent regulations for marketing to children online and on mobile devices released a study today showing that parents and other adults overwhelmingly agree with them. 

Did the Obama Campaign Run Roughshod Over Voter Privacy?

The Obama presidential campaign displayed a masterful use of databases to assemble the most sophisticated voter profiles ever used in any election. But privacy advocates believe the campaign's "do as I say, not as I do" approach will undercut proposed consumer privacy initiatives.

Groups Ask FTC to Investigate Viral Marketing Aimed at Kids

Six child-targeted websites asking young visitors to "tell a friend" or "refer a friend" may have run afoul of children's online privacy laws.