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Ellen’s Selfie Scores Oscar Gold for Samsung

When Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres snapped that epic selfie with the Samsung Galaxy Note during last night's ceremony, it effectively snagged "Best Picture"—among marketers, that is.

Oscars Produce Strange Promoted Tweets [Updated]

When it came to real-time marketing for Sunday's Oscars, it was a success—if you were looking for bizarre results or if you work in Twitter's revenue department.

JCPenney Isn’t Drunk Tweeting the Super Bowl—It’s Wearing Mittens

Nicely played, JCPenney.In the last hour, the retailer's Twitter account has tweeted messages that appeared to be typed by an intoxicated individual. But it was all just a Super Bowl stunt, apparently, to promote the fact that it sells mittens.

JCPenney Turns to Kraft’s Debra Berman for Marketing

JCPenney has turned to Kraft's Debra Berman, an executive with deep brand and agency experience, to direct the struggling department store giant's comeback.

JCPenney Returns to Sales Strategy Online, but Struggles Persist

One month after JCPenney fired top exec Ron Johnson and brought Mike Ullman back as CEO, the retailer reportedly says it expects year-over-year Q1 revenues to be down 16 percent when it reports t

JC Penney Cans Ron Johnson, Brings Mike Ullman Back

JC Penney's board ousted CEO Ron Johnson today and replaced him with his predecessor, Mike Ullman.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Jcpenney Gets All Patriotic With Its New Logo

Resist the urge to salute as you admire jcpenney's spanking new logo, a lovely red square with a superimposed blue square that's intended to evoke JCP's proud American heritage and commitment to treat customers "fair and square." (Ha!

JCPenney Accused of Sexism Again With Phoebe Cates Spot

JCPenney, have you learned nothing lately? The answer will be obvious once you watch this new commercial, via Saatchi & Saatchi in New York, for men's clothing sold at the giant mall retailer.

JCPenney Pulls Shirt Celebrating Girls ‘Too Pretty to Do Homework’

And now for your social media shit storm of the day: JCPenney is madly backtracking and apologizing on Facebook for selling a T-shirt that reads, "I'm too pretty to do homework