Japan Made a Smartphone Holder That Looks Like a Giant Swan Erupting From Your Genitals

Has watching too much anime on your phone left you with painful hand cramps? Then you're in luck, because Japanese anime network Animax made a hands-free, crotch-harness smartphone holder that looks like a huge swan growing out of your private parts. Now you can watch all the anime you want!

This Japanese Ad With an 18-Year-Old Grandpa Has a Clever and Quite Beautiful Twist

This story about a young woman and an old man probably won't end the way you think. The duo sit and have a conversation about the elder's health. His spirits are good, despite a few natural aches and pains. Then things take a turn for the weird, as the woman recalls their history together, dating back to 18 years prior. As the dialogue continues down that dark path, the man recalls getting into regular fights, and she forgives him for causing trouble.

This Explosively Bizarre Ramen Ad Is Packed With a Japan’s Worth of Viral References

Taiyo Kikaku's Tokyo division made a video for Nissin Chikin ramen that appropriates a dizzying array of Japanese ad tropes. "SamuraiDroneCatIdolSuperhumanRubeGoldbergViewerWarningTooExplosiveHighSchoolGirl"—a breathless title that references all the stuff it plays with—is a kinetic, visually impressive piece of business that includes contemporary ad trends like drones, parkour sequences and complex Rube Goldbergian visual stunts. It also parodies Shiseido's "High School Girl," a viral spot for NTT Plala, and Marukome's "Definition of Japanese Kawaii" (itself a visually rich ad for soup).

Best Ad of 2016 That You’ve Never Seen? It’s Japan’s Weird, Wonderful ‘Firefly Man’

A man who can't keep the lights on for his family leaves home on a five-year quest, and returns as a human firefly who lights up his entire village.  That is the bizarre, ultimately tragic plot of this "Firefly Man" ad for Ocedel Lighting in Japan. It won a silver in Film and a bronze in Film Craft last week at Cannes Lions, and before that, it was the Grande Film winner at this year's Asia Pacific AdFest.

Donald Trump Will Probably Love This Insane Ad Where He Rules (and Destroys) the World

The U.S. presidency is fine and all, but would Donald J. Trump stop there? Surely he would realize there's a whole yuuuge world out there waiting to be dominated.

Stuffed Animals Get Transplants in Adorable Campaign About Child Organ Donation

Imagine a plush rooster with a frog's foot where its comb should be. Such a creature now exists, thanks to a new campaign in Japan. To raise awareness of a shortage of child organ donors, Dentsu employee Akira Suzuki and a colleague created "Second Life Toys," which hopes to resurrect worn-out stuffed animals by combining them with parts from other fuzzy beasts. 

5 Things Marketers Can Do to Get in Shape for the Olympics … in Japan

Having passed the 100-day mark until the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio last week, and with the torch relay starting today, the countdown to the Games of the XXXI Olympiad is officially on.

Ad of the Day: TBWA Helps to Train Medical Students … Using Origami, Sushi and Insects

In Japan, TBWA isn't just making ads. It's coming up with new—and quite peculiar—ways to identify medical students who have the dexterity to make brilliant surgeons.

Humans Imitate Animal Courtship Dances in This Funny, Oddly Beautiful Ad for Condoms

Sagami Original Condoms has filmed animal courtship rituals as performed by humans, and the results are both strange and seductive. 

Shiseido’s Gender-Shifting Makeup Ad Wins Grand Prix in Film at Epica Awards

BERLIN, Germany—Major marketers Mini Cooper and John Lewis shared the stage with little-known upstarts Shiseido and ElaN Languages in accepting Grand Prix honors from the Epica Awards. The France-based award show, judged by professional journalists (including myself) who cover the global ad industry, announced its top winners at an awards ceremony here in Berlin tonight.