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Zoo Shows That Summer Popcorn Fare Isn’t Just for the Big Screen

From Jurassic World to Avengers: Age of Ultron, summer movies are all about escapist fun. As CBS looks to lure audiences during the same season, it's found a show that distills the pleasures of those summer popcorn films in Zoo.

Why Networks Are Going for Broke This Summer

For decades, the broadcast networks took the idea of summer vacation quite literally—programming reruns and other filler content from June through mid-September, much to the frustration of advertisers.

How James Patterson Went From Adman to Bestselling Mystery Novelist

"Nobody tells you when you pay six figures for a lion for a couple days that, to perform, they have to eat a lot of meat. The problem is they eat so much they get lazy and stop being scary after a couple days, so then you have to bring in a second lion. Now we have one lion who's great at snarling and snapping and roaring, and another one that's great at running."

James Patterson Tells Us Why He’s Selling a Self-Destructing Book for $294,038

Adman turned best-selling author James Patterson often creates TV ads to promote his books. But for the launch of his latest novel, Private Vegas, he turned to ad agency Mother for something decidedly different. In what Mother New York creative chief Paul Malmstrom calls a "pretty absurd stunt," the author is inviting one fan to experience "The Self-Destructing Book," aka "The most thrilling experience money can buy." This fan will have to pay $294,038 for the experience, which includes getting a self-destructing version of the 416-page book, having a private dinner with Patterson, and witnessing—through gold-plated binoculars!—the epic demise of the book. At the same time, via a Web application, 1,000 more readers will gain access to a free digital version of Private Vegas that will disappear after 24 hours in a cinematic and spectacular way. That aspect of the promotion plays on Patterson's reputation for writing page-turners with short chapters and cliffhangers that keep you reading. What's more, the digital version will include flourishes such as a splattering of blood when a character is killed.

Collective Digital Studio Moving Toward TV-Style Content With Maximum Ride Adaptation