James Moorhead

Here’s Why Brands Are Speaking Spanish in General Market Ads

Sure, it's not a coincidence that brands like Hyundai, ESPN, Corona and Dish Network have run general market TV ads in both English and Spanish during the World Cup, but that isn't the whole story. Marketers also have been moved by the high crossover appeal of such efforts and the multicultural nature of the millennials they're trying to reach.

Dish’s Marketing Strategy Goes Big With Southwest Airlines Push

If you're on a Southwest Airlines flight between now and New Year's Eve, you're going to see a lot of Dish Network.

Dish Network’s Search for a Digital Agency Down to Finalists

Dish Network confirmed it is in the midst of a digital agency search, which is in its late stages. The incumbent is Booyah Advertising, of Westminister Colo.A Dish spokesman declined to identify the finalists, of which there are four. It's not clear if Booyah is defending; the agency could not be reached.