James Brown

AARP Celebrates the Newest Member of the 50-and-Over Club: The Super Bowl

This year, the Super Bowl celebrates a serious milestone: It's turning 50. And who better to celebrate than an organization dedicated solely to helping people over the age of 50?

CBS Lands Tony Gonzalez as NFL Today Analyst

CBS Sports is making some big moves at its signature pro football studio show, signing 10-time All-Pro tight end Tony Gonzalez as an NFL Today analyst.

Despite Blackout, Super Bowl Scores Record Ratings

Despite a 34-minute power outage that left CBS scrambling to impose order in New Orleans, the preliminary ratings suggest that last night’s Super Bowl may be the most-watched in history.

Godfather of Soup? James Brown Sold the Hell Out of Hot Noodles

When soup starts getting funky, pour it down the drain. We find an exception to that rule in these two 1992 Japanese spots starring James Brown. This double slice of sublime soulful salesmanship was just crowned "the greatest commercial ever" by The Feed at CBS News.