Jamba Juice

10 Brand Tweets That Prove Shark Week Has Essentially Become a National Holiday

Discovery Channel is bumping up Shark Week programming a month earlier than normal this year, and a number of brands like Coca-Cola, Dunkin' Donuts and Jell-O are churning out clever tweets.

Jamba Juice Goes Green

Jamba Juice has decided to jump with both feet into the business of green juices, blended mixtures of whole vegetables such as kale, cucumber and beets. Starting this month, the company is expanding its menu to include veggie juices in most of its U.S. stores and launched an online dancing contest to get the word out.

Smoothie King Gets a Logo Refresh

Smoothie King has a new logo and a new top marketer.The fast-food juice chain, which has some 651 locations globally—524 of them in the U.S.—revealed its newly redesigned brand icon, the first in 20 years, after a year-long process working with Dublin, Ohio-based design agency WD Partners.

Modern Climate Helps Brands Get Mobile

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Facebook Card’s Big Implications for Advertising, Shopping

During Facebook’s earnings call on Wednesday, CFO David Ebersman said the company’s Gifts service contributed a “very small” portion of the company&rsqu

You got your cheeseburger in my smoothie!

McDonald's recently began selling fruit smoothies, a move that's clearly raising the hackles of folks at Jamba Juice. The chain has kicked off a satirical campaign promoting a new product […]