Jagermeister Creates Pop-Up Ad Agencies to Give Recent College Grads a Taste of the Industry

What's the best way for a brand geared toward twentysomethings to develop marketing campaigns tailored to that audience? Hire and mentor them.

Jagermeister Cleans Up Its Act for Summer With a Crazy Treehouse-Inspired Installation

Jägermeister, the brand known for shots and bombs, has a tricky proposition on its hands: It's attempting to transform its reputation as a drunken college staple while still appealing to its target audience of 21- to 24-year-olds. Its latest brand activation—an interactive experience debuting at this weekend's Electric Daisy Carnival in New York—aims to do both.

Jägermeister Takes Handcrafted to Next Level With Three Incredible Wooden Works of Art

We've seen plenty of ad campaigns that have handcrafted elements meant to evoke some handcrafted aspect of the product. (Patron tequila's ads from 2013 were particularly lovely.) But Deutsch New York takes things up a notch in this beautiful work for Jägermeister. The agency got artists Olivia Knapp, Yeahhh! Studios and DKNG Studios to create three unique wooden works of art corresponding to the brand's three pillars—heritage, ingredients and process. Each piece was constructed in 56 separate parts that fit together like a puzzle—representing the 56 different ingredients (roots, fruits, herbs and spices) that go into Jägermeister.

How Two Millennials With a Talent for Writing Apps Founded Their Own Multimillion Dollar Agency

Specs Who Co-founders and co-CEOs Mark McDonald (l.) and Josiah Humphrey What App development company Where Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

In this week's best new commercials, Katy Perry and other famous women launch a new battle cry for CoverGirl. Jeff Gordon pulls another prank for PepsiMAX. British mobile company Three charms with the viral formula of cute girl plus singing kitty. Jägermeister speaks the language of its core audience with an artful surf-themed spot.

Ad of the Day: Jägermeister’s New Commercial Deserves a Great Big Bro-Hug

When alcohol brands try to broaden their reach beyond their core crowd, the results can often be awkward or even laughable. The best ads are those that acknowledge the brand's base but create a story compelling enough to draw in new audiences.

This Agency Blends Art and Science for Clients Like Jägermeister and New Era

Who Kamran Asghar, co-founder and president What Creative and media agency that focuses on small and midsize clients Where New York office

Red Bull’s College Marketing Whiz Strikes Out on His Own

After seven years working for Red Bull, and some two leading North American efforts on the brand’s much vaunted college marketing program, Mike Poznansky is striking out this week to start his own agency, Neato.

Hard Liquor Looks Truly Odd Packaged in Milk Cartons

Packaging is one of those things you don't think about a lot—until someone goes and completely mucks with it. Case in point: these jarring mockups for liquor packaged in Tetra Pak milk containers. Nothing stronger than wine should really come in a box. Jägermeister after the jump. Via PSFK.