Coca-Cola Invented a Bottle Cap That Lets You Record an Audio Message for a Loved One

This holiday, a few lucky consumers in Italy will have a new way to communicate with their loved ones—with a high-tech message in a Coke bottle.The sugar water giant, with help from agencies David and Gigigo, will be selling special limited-edition bottles of Coca-Cola, featuring electronic caps that can record a 30-second message, and then play it back when someone twists open the beverage.

What This Ad Agency Hopes to Learn by Living With an Ordinary Family for a Week

David Ogilvy once said, "The customer is not a moron. She's your wife." It's easy to say, but how many agencies live by the notion that consumers are people we know and love? Italian agency Le Balene is about to find out whether it meets the bar ... and it's looking for someone to join them. 

Martini Made a ‘Smart Cube’ That Tells the Bartender When You Need Another Drink

A packed bar is a lot like the prom. You look forward to having this epic night, but most of it is spent waiting in line for one thing or another. It's a problem tailor-made for brand-hacking. With help from AMV BBDO, Italian alcohol brand Martini has created the Smart Cube, a piece of connected "ice" that tips the server off, via Bluetooth, when your glass hits slurping point. 

Why Heineken Put This Ridiculously Long Hashtag on Hundreds of Billboards in Milan

Here's a fun if punishing way to get people to think about the ingredients in your beer.Heineken, the official beer of the UEFA Champions League, with help from Publicis Italy, put up hundreds of outdoor ads around Milan recently featuring a gargantuan 100-character hashtag (that's the most allowed by Twitter). People were encouraged to share the hashtag in social for a chance to win tickets for the UCL Final.

These Inmates Learn Social Media by Sending and Receiving Tweets Sewn on Bracelets

A new campaign titled "Tweet from Prison," created by Dubai-based agency Tonic International, blends rehabilitation, recycling and social media into an unusual message.Italian fashion line Made in Carcere, founded in 2007, has always had a moral mission—helping incarcerated women better integrate into society after their release by teaching them to sew, using secondhand fabrics, while they're in prison. Now, the company also wants to help acclimate those women to the new technology that has become commonplace in the outside world ... by turning the accessories they make into vehicles for social media communication. 

Samsung Just Made a Motorcycle Windshield That Checks Your Texts, Calls and Emails

Every day, it seems, our modes of transportation become more like high-tech companions, geared to enhance our comfort and safety while providing vital real-time information.The latest example comes from Italy, where Samsung partnered with Leo Burnett, motocross star Edo Mossi and local YouTube influencer Cane Secco to develop a "Smart Windshield" prototype for motorcycles.

Ad of the Day: Heineken Found the Perfect Victim for This Hilarious Soccer Prank

Yeah, pranks are a bit passé. But a good one is still plenty entertaining, and this Heineken stunt from Publicis Italy is worth it—because the victim, who awesomely thinks he's the one being secretive, is so amusing to watch.

Ad of the Day: Women Hunt for Heroes Who Aren’t Drunks in Heineken’s Night Ballad

I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night. He's gotta be strong, and he's gotta be fast, and he's gotta be fresh from the fight ...Oh, and he'd better not be drunk off his ass!

Why These 3 Agency Guys Are Walking 125 Miles to a Company’s Office for a Pitch

It's good to walk a mile in your client's shoes. But is it even better to walk 125 miles?Le Balene will soon find out. The Italian agency is wooing an unnamed mobile accessories client with a unique stunt: Pitch them by walking from the agency's home in Milan to the client's office in Reggio Emilia—a distance of some 200 kilometers, or about 125 miles.

Young Boys Are Told to Slap a Girl in This Remarkable PSA About Domestic Violence

"What happens when you put a girl in front of a boy and ask him to slap her?"Domestic abuse is a longtime problem in Italy. A 2012 United Nations report called it "the most pervasive form of violence" in the country. Former Prime Minister Enrico Letta called it femicide—the killing of women at the hands of current or former lovers.Online Italian newspaper addresses domestic violence in the video below, but it features an unlikely group of people—children. Six boys between 7 and 11 years old are interviewed. They obediently give their names and ages, and say what they want to be when they grow up, and why.The interviewer then introduces a pretty girl named Martina, and it's obvious all of the boys are slightly enamored. They're asked to tell the interviewer what they like about her (her shoes and her hands!). They make funny faces at her, caress her (this includes gentle arm and face touching).