Isaiah Mustafa

Old Spice’s Pitchman Battle Heats Up as Terry Mocks Isaiah’s Signature Line

Not many brands could pull off a campaign that escalates the weirdness in each new spot. But anything can happen in an Old Spice campaign, and transforming Terry Crews into an angry woodpecker is just one of the loony things in the brand's latest effort. 

By the Numbers: How Do Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa Really Stack Up?

For years, Old Spice has used quirky spokespeople—robots, moms,

Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa Are Now Battling for the Hearts of Old Spice Fans

For the first time, Old Spice's two resident ad stars, Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa, a

Hello, English Ladies. Isaiah Mustafa Returns for Old Spice in the U.K.

If you've been unable to sleep since the Old Spice guy faded from the spotlight, or suffered from nightmares that he was permanently relegated to playing a lesser version of himself in Israeli beer commercials, you can finally rest easy.

Hunkvertising: The Objectification of Men in Advertising

Call it hunkvertising.

Isaiah Mustafa Not Killing Himself Trying to Branch Out With Ad Roles

Isaiah Mustafa seems perfectly content simply being the Man Your Man Could Smell Like—or drink beer like, or do another manly activity like. And who can blame him?

Hulu Viewers Can Now Spend ‘The Morning After’ With Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa

Look at your TV. Now look at your browser. Now look at your TV. Now back to your browser. It's the same handsome devil you remember from his towel-only days as The Old Spice Guy, hosting Hulu's The Morning After. Here is his first episode.

Isaiah Mustafa Vanquishes Fabio, Remains the Old Spice Guy

After slightly more than 100 videos, this week's Old Spice battle between Isaiah Mustafa and Fabio is over. It got a little ugly at the end, with the competing macho TV spokesmen chucking objects at each other (including a giant dinosaur bone) from adjoining YouTube videos. Check out the eight-part conclusion below. (You can keep clicking on the embedded links in the top video, or just watch all eight separately below that.) We now learn that Fabio saw Isaiah as the current incarnation of his former self—the most beloved spokesman on TV—which is why he challenged him in the first place. But of course, bitterness and revenge don't always work out—and Mustafa officially wins the contest by sending Fabio into repeated extraterrestrial exile. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like lives to smell good another day.

Isaiah Mustafa Solves NFL Labor Crisis, Accepts Fabio’s Challenge to a Duel

As expected, old Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa has accepted new Old Spice guy Fabio's challenge to duel on the Internet at noon ET on Tuesday. It's being called "Mano a Mano in El Baño." Not as expected was the news that he also fixed that little NFL problem, so you can enjoy football this fall.

Information Diet: Isaiah Mustafa

What’s the first information you consume in the morning? CNN is my home page on my computer, so that’s probably the first thing I take a look at. What do you read or watch or listen to at the breakfast table?