Lucasfilm Ran This Ad in an Irish Paper to Thank the Locals After Filming Star Wars There

In an infinitely classy and gracious move, Lucasfilm took out an ad in the Irish Examiner to thank the communities of Crookhaven, Goleen and the Brow Head peninsula, where parts of the upcoming Star Wars movie (Episode VIII) were shot, for putting up with them.The ad references the "tireless commitment of our Irish crew" in glowing terms, and states that "the enthusiasm and support of all the people of West Cork have made our Irish adventure one we will always treasure." 

This Agency Is Selling Its Rejected Creative Work From 3 Pitches on eBay

Just because an advertising idea has been rejected in a pitch doesn't mean it isn't good. Or at least, it doesn't mean it can't have value—to someone else.Dublin agency The Public House, unable to let go of its orphaned ideas, is putting them up for auction on eBay, with proceeds going to charity You're Not Alone. The ideas come from three failed pitches—for a potato chip company, tire servicing company and auto insurance company.

Irish Spring’s Revival Puts the Bro in Brogue and Keeps Ridiculous Celtic Clichés Alive

This Poignant Anti-Bullying Film Was Created by a 13-Year-Old Boy From Ireland

Online bullying leaves real scars, argues a compelling short video from one young victim.Luke Culhane, a 13-year-old from Ireland, produced, edited and stars in the two-and-a-half minute film. In it, he receives verbal insults on platforms like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Snapchat. After each one, he is afflicted with a new physical injury—a bloody nose, black eye and a broken arm—that appears as if by some kind of sick magic. 

Airbnb Offers the Ultimate Halloween Sleepover: A Night in the Paris Catacombs

Looking for the ultimate scare? Airbnb is running a contest that will give two lucky people the chance to sleep in the Catacombs of Paris, home to over 6 million dead and labeled "the world's largest grave."

Heineken Hid a Rugby Legend Inside a Dublin Pub. Here’s What Happened Next

Days before the opening match of the Rugby World Cup, Heineken surprised a Dublin pub chock-full of rugby fans with the coolest prize machine ever.

3-Year-Old Cab Driver Surprised Passengers to Mark a Ride-Hailing App’s Birthday

Dubliners did a double-take recently when they called a cab via the Hailo app, only to have a 3-year-old pull up at the wheel.

Ad of the Day: A Driver Looks Back Once, and Then Forever, in This Beautifully Bleak PSA

It's been a while since we've seen a really brutally depressing road-safety PSA. But Ireland obliges—with help from master craftsman director Martin Stirling—in the spot below, which warns against behavior you might not even have considered dangerous.

Audi Makes Fun of Women Drivers (but Not Really) in Curious Twitter Campaign

Audi Ireland has decided to directly address the stereotype that women are bad drivers in a Twitter campaign that aims to undermine that perception.

When Irish People Describe Their First Time, It Gets Pretty Weird Pretty Fast

Sure, the old "they're not really talking about sex" gag is an ancient red herring, but we still enjoyed this bit of low-budget advertising from Cork, Ireland.