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Michael Shannon Finds Television ‘Tremendously Uninteresting’

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Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Boost Mobile Advertising, Say Industry Players

Mobile marketers were already pumped about the Samsung Galaxy S4, even before the phone was unveiled at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night in New York.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, cigarettes get tumorous and even more disgusting in a new PSA, Cookie Monster quickly breaks his New Year's resolution and Apple's timing is off in its promotion of the iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Apple Is Thankful for the iPhone 5 in New Turkey Ad

Apple has a long tradition of holiday ads—notable past spots have included "Gift Exchange" for the Macintosh and of course last year's Santa spot with Siri for the iPhone 4S. On Tuesday night, Apple released its latest holiday commercial, "Turkey," timed to Thanksgiving, for the iPhone 5. It uses the holiday season, a propitious time for taking family photos, to push the device's Shared Photo Stream, which lets you share only the photos you want with only the people you want. As usual, we get a simple product demo, with pleasingly basic shots of a turkey and a pie, among other staples. (Thankfully, there's no gravy involved at all.) "It's as easy as pie," Jeff Daniels says in the voiceover. "Mmm, pie." A second spot, not specifically holiday related, has Daniels asking an orchestra to play louder and softer to demonstrate the iPhone 5's noise-canceling feature, which reduces excessive background noise when you're trying to make a phone call. These are the 94th and 95th TV spots in the almost 7-year-old campaign. See all the previous ones here. Credits for the new ones below.

Price Check on iPhone 5

In-store shoppers are using their smartphones like never before. So it may come as little surprise that big-box retailers are rolling out a plethora of mobile bells and whistles just in time for Black Friday.

iPhone Ads Beating Samsung Galaxy III Spots

All those Samsung Galaxy S III ads still haven’t pushed the iPhone off its tech throne, according to Ace Metrix’s Brand of the Year Watch List

Jivox Looks to Make Mobile Campaigns Smoother

Jivox,  an ad tech firm which specializes in helping companies build interactive video ads, says it has a new platform that will make executing multi-device mobile campaigns a lot easier.

A Waze Ahead of Apple in Map Race

Apple may have lost more than its pristine product rep upon releasing its bungled Maps app last month.