What Marketers Need to Know From Today’s Apple Event

Apple held its annual developers event today in San Francisco, where it debuted a bevy of product upgrades for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. 

Get Ready for More Mobile Ads on Your iPhones as Apple Launches New iAds

Apple is finally showing it is serious about mobile advertising. Its iAd business has gone through several iterations and struggled, and the company is now tapping the ad tech community to open the service widely so marketers can get access to its iPhones, iPads and computers.

Microsoft’s Marketing Totally Backfired When CNN Used Its Devices as iPad Stands

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 had a bad election night on CNN when the on-air talent used the device to prop up their iPads. Microsoft was a CNN partner as the results poured in, but any positive marketing spin thoroughly backfired, with the tablet relegated to a kickstand for its biggest rival.

Adrien Brody Has No Time for Your Facebook Friend Request

Specs Who Adrien Brody Age 41

Apple’s Powerful ‘Your Verse’ Campaign Rolls On, From Beijing and Through Detroit

Apple is sticking with a good thing, continuing the rollout of its "Your Verse" campaign with two new stories about how people around the world are using iPads as tools to support their passions.

Cats Like Tablet Games, Too

It's common knowledge by now that the intuitive design of tablets has opened up gaming to everyone from infants to the elderly, but there's one group using tablet gaming apps that may still surprise you: cats.

Cinemas Are Teaming Up With Shazam for a Blockbuster Mobile Ad Experience

Despite incremental growth in second-screen viewing, marketers still haven’t cracked the code on how to effectively advertise to smartphone users who are also watching TV. But brands are hoping that second screens will soon get a boost from the big screen.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

From the horror of domestic violence to uplifting scenes of domestic bliss, this week's best ads show very different sides of life and the human condition.

One of the World’s Most Expensive Auto Brands Just Shot an Ad Entirely on iPhones

Of all the brands to prove that video productions don't have to be elaborate, overpriced boondoggles, the last name you'd expect would be Bentley. And yet here we are, with a slick short film shot entirely on the iPhones and edited on iPad Airs that come standard in the backseat of the $300,000 Bentley Mulsanne. The goal was, of course, not to celebrate affordable efficiency. Instead, the creators were hoping to convey the auto's connectivity features, which include a WiFi hotspot and the "twin electrically deployed picnic tables with concealed iPad holders." The brand obviously risks looking like an old codger waving around a popular kid's toy, and many 99 percenters will likely see the clip's dialogue between design execs as elitest windbaggery that conveys little actual information. But the video definitely seems to be striking a chord for quite a few of the brand's passionate fans. It's been viewed more than 700,000 times on YouTube, where users have given it nearly 3,500 thumbs up compared to just 199 thumbs down. To see how the video was cut together, watch the making-of footage that begins around the 3:15 mark. UPDATE: We've gotten a hold of the short film's creator and director, Austin Reza of Reza & Co., who sent us quite a few more details. Check out his description of the shoot after the clip:

These Intimate, Globe-Spanning iPad Ads are Apple’s Best in a Long While

Apple updates its "Your Verse" iPad campaign with a pair of gorgeous 60-second spots focused on the tablet's ability to facilitate music creation and help users travel the globe.