Apple’s iOS 10 Update Is Incapacitating iPhones

Hey, iPhone users, if you were excited to see Apple's iOS 10 makeovers for Apple Music, Maps, Health Kit,

Almost Extinct, Flappy Bird Priced on eBay for Thousands

How much would you pay to play Flappy Bird? That’s a question new fans must ask themselves, now that it’s no longer available for free via app stores. The developer stopped supporting the smartphone game and pulled it from Apple and Google stores over the weekend.

This Tech Startup Helps Businesses Reach Potential Customers With Apps

Specs Who Co-founders Brent Gilmore, CEO; and Katie Pietrowski, COO

A Very Brief History of Web Video

December 1995-January 1999

Tumblr Finally Adds Ads to Mobile Apps

A year after introducing sponsored posts to its desktop platform, Tumblr has finally integrated these ads into its iOS and Android apps, Forbes reported.

Brand Advertisers Coming to Mobile Despite Ineffective Rich Media Ads

A couple years ago, rich-media ad units were all the rage. Oh snap! Videos and expandable banners and Twitter streams and buttons on top of buttons. "How can consumers and big-budget brand advertisers not come to love these interactive ads?" many proclaimed.

White House Updates Mobile App in Time for Election

Not one to miss out on a digital trend, the Obama White House announced a reboot of its Apple and Android mobile app on Wednesday (Sept. 5) just in time for President Obama's convention speech Thursday night.

Apple’s iOS Delivers 47 Percent of Mobile Traffic

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system has long been the darling of the mobile ad ecosystem. It arguably created the space—at least in its modern form—and is benefits seem to just keep coming.

Fotopedia Tries to Crack Tablet Ad Model Code

The jury is still out on how advertisers should approach tablets like the iPad. But the app maker and photo encyclopedia company Fotopedia thinks it has a solution in the form of a new magazine-like tablet ad.

Facebook’s Top-Secret iPhone Platform

Facebook has some super-secret plans in the work that could be a threat to Apple's app dominance.